Steve Jobs didn’t make your boyfriend.

Relationships seem to come with expiration dates nowadays, regardless of commitment level. Whether it’s a casual dating spree, high school sweethearts, or a few years of marriage – everyone’s getting in on the exit. Long-term love seems like it’s becoming a thing of the past at warp speed and this DOESN’T SURPRISE ME AT ALL.

Our generation is a bunch of ADHD-riddled toddlers who demand instant gratification and are always searching for the next best thing. We’ve started treating the “love of our lives” like disposable diapers; we crap all over the place and then throw each other away when things get too messy. Everyone suffers from loneliness in the age where communication is at the tips of our fingers, and still we’re completely unwilling to put aside this ‘me first and the gimme gimmes’ mentality to work at making someone other than ourselves happy.

Your girlfriend isn’t an iPhone and your boyfriend probably didn’t run out of data. Just because (you think) something newer, shinier and more user friendly has come along – that doesn’t mean it’s time to toss the last model. What gives you more happiness? Your accomplishments that took time and energy and (welcome to Cheeseville) love? Or the smartphone that gives you the hollow, display-model version of human connection? Hint: THERE IS A WRONG ANSWER TO THIS QUESTION AND IT WAS THE SECOND CHOICE.

All of that said, we also live in an age where we know we’re not permanently stuck with someone who makes us miserable – unlike some of our parents and grandparents. We all deserve to be happy. If your boyfriend is a malfunctioning dickhead then feel free to toss him in the nearest recycling bin – maybe someone else can make better use of him. But if all your relationship needs is a refresh and maybe a few neat apps to brighten it up then put in the damn time and stop acting like nothing’s ever harder, better, faster, stronger enough.

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4 Responses to Steve Jobs didn’t make your boyfriend.

  1. Tim's Friend says:

    Where was this advice when you were with Tim? You treated him pretty awful considering he was your fiancee.

    • OH MY GOD, DID YOU INVENT A TIME MACHINE? An anonymous comment on my blog post regarding someone I started dating almost 9yrs ago in high school?! – I think you just brought anonymous internet stalking to a whole new level.

    • Jeremy says:

      Way to go, Tim’s alleged friend. You win 2013’s Creepy Blog Comment of the Year Award. It seems highly unlikely that a friend of Tim’s would give the slightest shit about what Molly is up to these days, so I’m just going to assume that you are actually Tim. Congratulations, Tim. Shoot me an e-mail so I can get your full name to engrave on this trophy.

  2. amara says:

    i think anonymous “tim’s friend” is really a very bitter undercover tim.

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