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Dr. Google at your service.

I just Googled “why do I feel cold after eating” because I don’t have enough diagnosed health problems already. Honestly, how did we survive as a species before the internet? Everybody must have been just walking around with low blood … Continue reading

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Oh, you’re not fancy, huh.

I’m fairly low-maintenance. I drink cheap beer from the can, love a good Pauly Shore flick and my wardrobe contains mostly men’s tank tops and roughed up jeans. I’m a simple girl…woman? Chick? I don’t know. The honourable Britney Spears … Continue reading

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The inner war of Mommy or Molly.

On a daily basis, I thank genetics for whatever gave me my maternal instinct. Why, you ask? Because without it, I have a personality that screams “will abandon her children to run away and find herself for the next 20yrs”. … Continue reading

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The age old (super recent) argument of dog vs. baby.

Lately, I’ve noticed a lot of people comparing dog ownership to having a baby. Before I continue, I just want to clear some things up. If you legitimately can’t tell the difference then here is a handy checklist: 1. Is … Continue reading

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