Mom vs. Monsters.

Solo-parenting for six days. Send help. Lots of it. SOS. The ship is going down.

Actually, I’m totally joking. I don’t know if it’s because of my previous years of experience as a single parent (two kids, two dads, it’s like a soap opera up in here – keep up) or my overwhelming control issues, but things have been all smooth sailing. Oh, sure. We all miss Dad! But I’m not ready to abandon the children and join a traveling band of buskers, so that’s a win.

Going back to the control issues, that was not a conveniently timed joke. For a lady who prides herself on her monumental vocabulary, it’s strange that mine doesn’t include the word “delegating”. It doesn’t matter the task, I guarantee you that I will find it faster and easier to complete alone. Unless the person aiding me is psychic. Is that an option?

I’m stubbornly independent, hate having to stop in the middle of a task, and terrible at explaining myself when focused. Absolutely none of that sets me up to work well with others. On high school report cards I would have A+++ in “Independent Studies”, and just a sad face beside “Teamwork”.

I was probably born to be one of those “lone wolf” types but messed up my fate by popping out some spawns and getting hitched. HA. TAKE THAT, FATE. I’m so rebellious. Anarchy forever, man.

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