Flirting isn’t illegal, but wouldn’t that be hot if it was.

I’m all for the end of rape culture and everything that comes with it. But I’m also concerned for the end of flirtation, passion, spontaneity.

I’ll admit, I’m a bitch. I admit this quite frequently. I’d probably get “BITCH” tattooed across my forehead if my mother wouldn’t disown me for it. If a man hits on me at the bar, I am anything but receptive. I’ve sworn, insulted. Thrown drinks. Even shoved men away by the face. Catcalls boil my blood, and unwanted attention in general makes me punchy.

But I’m starting to worry that men are just going to stop approaching women altogether, for fear of a feminist war. We crucify them for saying hi, for complimenting us, for offering to buy us a beer. Remember when girls would make plans for the night REVOLVING AROUND FREE DRINKS BOUGHT BY STRANGERS? That used to be a bragging point. Now it’s a soapbox to stand on while we scream about women’s rights.

I would be the 27 year old virgin if men never approached me. Actually, that’s not true. I, on several occasions, have approached men with an incredibly forward “Hey, you’re hot”. Because I am very smooth and charming. And that’s totally okay. Right? Which means it’s totally okay for men to throw us the same line.

Now, I don’t want to feel unsafe but c’mon, it’s not illegal to tell a pretty woman that she’s pretty. Where would Julia Roberts and Richard Gere be if that was the case? So, MEN! Don’t be scared. Tell us we’re pretty. Offer to buy us drinks. Just don’t be a fucking creep and NO means NO (but I shouldn’t have to tell you that).

*This blog has once again been brought to you by Steamwhistle who still haven’t offered me a sponsorship. Clearly they’re missing out.

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2 Responses to Flirting isn’t illegal, but wouldn’t that be hot if it was.

  1. Jerry melo says:

    I think a simple ” hi I’m so and so ” followed by ” I think you’re hot” by most men should at least be rewarded with a hi and not a push in the face! Haha nice post!

  2. Em says:

    That’s why I use online dating because men don’t approach me and if they do I am so sarcastic they are no longer interested. Whoops.

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