Brain vs. writer’s block vs. oh look, shiny things.

After years of only writing to myself, about myself, and for myself – I’m finally back to writing for others. Guys, shit’s hard.

Trying to put someone else’s inspiration into words can feel like staying in your best friend’s apartment. You might have the same taste in colours, in art and furniture, but it’s still just not quite your space. Or you could compare it to trying to crawl inside someone’s skin to use them like a writing puppet. But I’m not going to do that. Because that’s really creepy.

Creative motivation is an elusive dick. It seems to come in spurts, especially when you’re least able to devote the necessary time to get it all down. Like at 3am while you’re staring at strangely frantic shadows on the ceiling in the dark. Or in a sudden brain burst while you’re trying to navigate public transit with two spazzing spawns. None of this lends itself to working on a professional timeline, and it sure as hell isn’t consistent.

Luckily I have stupidly long legs so I’m great at leaping over obstacles, or whatever. I’m just going to surround myself with everything inspiring, and drown in positivity and focus. If you don’t have to work hard for it, do you even really want it?

(Shameless plug: Go on and check out Common Base, the amazing new company I’m now a part of and writing for. You’ll love us.)

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