Why you shouldn’t love a writer and other fun stories.

I’m constantly pushing myself to write more. One of my consistent motivations is writing snippets in my phone throughout the day. Unfortunately, it mostly all happens between 10:30pm and 3am. Which is why I end up with this:

  • Sometimes you listen. Other times you lie in bed with tears in your eyes, because no matter how many times the universe tells you they’re not the one – your heart and your body ache for them.
  • Don’t fall in love with the kind of people who close their hearts as casually as the front door.
  • The emotional density of a single sheet of tissue paper, and the personality of an amputated thumb.
  • Last night you got too high and ate all the sugar peas.
  • As far as my emotions work, it seems I’m capable of falling in love with at least four people at a time. And their dogs.
  • We say we want to meet people at book stores, shows, bars, and museums – and yet we walk around these places with our eyes glued to our phones and so the only way we can find love is through an app.

I think you get the point. Random chunks of unspent brain waves, none of which form a full cohesive thought. And yet there’s a theme. Well, if you squint your eyes and tilt your head a little to the left… There! Do you see it? I am one lonely, bitter, and yet still (hope)(point)lessly romantic son of a bitch. And also I like sugar peas.

I’ve painted myself into this splendid metaphorical dating corner. My taste in men and my place in life are horribly contradictory. Or as someone very recently, so wonderfully summed up: “LOL, you need a weirdo dirtbag with his shit together that doesn’t want kids but likes yours.”

I have kids. They’re lovely. If you try to give me any more though, I will burn you with the fires of Hell. I’ve been married. I’m over it. I think. Probably. I don’t have any “career goals” aside from writing, creating. I’m intrigued by people with similar motivations. Turns out – not the most “stable” way to have a “family”. Plus those people tend to be a little wanderlust, and unfortunately my wander is stuck here. At least until my kids can be trusted to, like, make Kraft Dinner without dying. I’m also an unpredictable, emotional whoopie cushion. But that’s like a whole other thing and I’m trying the whole Tinder dating crap right now so maybe I shouldn’t air all of my red flags on the internet… HAHA JUST KIDDING HI TINDER MATCHES… NO WHERE ARE YOU GOING GET BACK HERE AND LOVE ME DAMN IT.

In all honesty, no matter how many times love fails me (or I astronomically fail at love) – I still dig that shit. I would rather fall into it a million times, than never feel it at all. And some people are worth losing your sanity over, not that I really have any to sacrifice in the first place…

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3 Responses to Why you shouldn’t love a writer and other fun stories.

  1. K says:

    more please.

  2. Mackenzie says:

    Your blogs make me smile ❤

  3. Jason Shieh says:

    Please keep writing =)

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