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Why you shouldn’t love a writer and other fun stories.

I’m constantly pushing myself to write more. One of my consistent motivations is writing snippets in my phone throughout the day. Unfortunately, it mostly all happens between 10:30pm and 3am. Which is why I end up with this: Sometimes you … Continue reading

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Single and ready to mingle. Maybe. If I can find a sitter.

A big part of dating as a single mom is coming to the realization that you will never have a partner who’s life is identical to yours. Ever. No, seriously. NEVER. It doesn’t matter how much they love your kids, … Continue reading

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Grow(ing) up (kind of).

People say you can’t be your child’s friend. They say there’s a fine line between being a “fun” parent and not behaving parent-ally. I don’t know where that line is. Probably under all of the laundry I’m not doing. I … Continue reading

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One of the hardest things I’ve dealt with since becoming a mother is the feeling of being trapped. I go through very long periods of insomnia and, during them, all I want to do is run around and be social … Continue reading

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Leave me alone, I’m lonely. (That’s a P!nk song and it rules.)

I’m a fairly contradictory person so it only makes sense that my moods follow suit. In the span of 24hrs, I can go from being an incredibly sociable charmer to an awful, miserable shut-in. I’ve always been terrible at being … Continue reading

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Mom vs. Monsters.

Solo-parenting for six days. Send help. Lots of it. SOS. The ship is going down. Actually, I’m totally joking. I don’t know if it’s because of my previous years of experience as a single parent (two kids, two dads, it’s … Continue reading

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The inner war of Mommy or Molly.

On a daily basis, I thank genetics for whatever gave me my maternal instinct. Why, you ask? Because without it, I have a personality that screams “will abandon her children to run away and find herself for the next 20yrs”. … Continue reading

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