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Why you shouldn’t love a writer and other fun stories.

I’m constantly pushing myself to write more. One of my consistent motivations is writing snippets in my phone throughout the day. Unfortunately, it mostly all happens between 10:30pm and 3am. Which is why I end up with this: Sometimes you … Continue reading

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Single and ready to mingle. Maybe. If I can find a sitter.

A big part of dating as a single mom is coming to the realization that you will never have a partner who’s life is identical to yours. Ever. No, seriously. NEVER. It doesn’t matter how much they love your kids, … Continue reading

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“Oh, you’re getting married? Congra – HOLYPOOPNOPERUN.”

I’ve never been well-equipped for rational decisions. I’m more of a fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants, “what the hell pile of nonsense just came out of my mouth”, WHOOPS – kind of girl. I throw drinks on people who insist on dancing on speakers … Continue reading

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If I Only Had A Heart.

Love is some straight up weird shit. “Oh hey, here are some super strong and uncontrollable feelings towards another human being and now it’s in their hands to do with that what they will”. THANKS, UNIVERSE. You’re swell. It comes … Continue reading

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Shut up, it’s my turn to talk.

You know that person who doesn’t ‘listen’ so much as ‘waits for you to stop talking so that they can talk about themselves’? The one who can somehow turn any discussion into a personal monologue and always seems to have … Continue reading

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Steve Jobs didn’t make your boyfriend.

Relationships seem to come with expiration dates nowadays, regardless of commitment level. Whether it’s a casual dating spree, high school sweethearts, or a few years of marriage – everyone’s getting in on the exit. Long-term love seems like it’s becoming … Continue reading

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